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SOMA brings a social trading experience to consumers while providing a robust tracking and authentication protocol for business. We're launching our pilot program with select partners in the luxury watch sector. Manufacturers and retailers can contact to participate. Lovers of fine watches can join the waiting list (and be eligible for giveaways) at The integration of social media functionality allows users to monetize social influence and provide value-added services to one another for just compensation. Simultaneously, SOMA's enterprise solution protects against forgeries and helps companies streamline processes and access data points never before available to them. From an item's creation all the way through secondary markets, SOMA covers the entire product lifecycle.


Secured by blockchain

Every item and every transaction is recorded in an immutable ledger. The SOMA rewarding system incentivizes collaborative behavior within the marketplace. That collaborative behavior? It's stored on the blockchain, too!

Buy & sell in seconds

Our sleek trading platform empowers users to buy & sell in seconds, rather than minutes. Soma is creating a mobile-first commerce infrastructure with a smooth user experience and intuitive interface between users.

Social interactions

A defining feature of the Soma platform is the merging of social interaction and trading in a single digital platform. Traditional social media interactivity, such as liking and following, will bring a social element to the trading experience.

Secure and transparent

Blockchain technology underpins the Soma platform and provides security and transparency—qualities conspicuously lacking from legacy platforms—for its community of users.

Integrated logistics

A five-star global trading platform requires an equally robust logistics integration for hassle-free item delivery. Soma implements an AI-based logistics solution to coordinate the fastest and most cost-effective way of transport.
Every transaction that happens inside the SOMA™ platform will transfer ownership not only of the physical item but also of its Interactive Item Card (IIC). The IIC is a digital representation of the physical item. It includes ownership history, the condition of the physical item, the genuineness of the item, price history, and other critical data. Most importantly, an item's IIC will accrue social value inside the SOMA community via user interaction, and these social interactions may be reflected in the value of the physical item.
The decentralized platform incentivizes community members to help one another in various ways. P2P marketing enables users to gain SOMA Community Tokens by promoting items that are listed for sale on the platform.

Payments inside the SOMA Community are delivered securely via blockchain technology. The SOMA Rewarding System further enhances the security of transactions by providing an incentive for a community member to act as a trusted escrow agent in a transaction. After a successful transaction, the escrow agent is compensated in SOMA Community Tokens.
Within the SOMA community, trading is integrated with functions from traditional social media platforms. Community members can interact with one other, and with one another's items, by liking, following or sharing relevant content. Social interaction will increase the social capital of the digital content, which can be monetized via the SOMA Community Token.

For Enterprise: SOMA's Heimdall Protocol

SOMA's Heimdall Protocol ties an item securely to its digital representation on the blockchain. This digital representation provides (a) waypoints and timestamps for key benchmarks or milestones, (b) certificate of ownership and record of chain-of-ownership, (c) authentication of provenance, and (d) a comprehensive repository of all documentation and multimedia associated with the item.

Instant access to cryptocurrencies by SOMA P2P network (Upcoming)

SOMA will provide a decentralized marketplace for items, but it will go beyond to include a P2P cryptocurrency exchange (a decentralized exchange, or DEX, in industry parlance). SOMA will also provide a secure wallet to store cryptocurrencies, and a crypto portfolio to track gains and losses. People outside the cryptoworld can gain their first access to cryptocurrencies by selling items on the SOMA platform. This provides easy exposure for people who don’t want to put active income to the volatile cryptocurrency asset class. Finally, a platform that will bring the cryptoeconomy to the masses!


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