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Swedish watch brand Belos gets on the blockchain

Belos microbrand joins the SOMA family of watch manufacturers

This Stockholm-based luxury watch microbrand will participate in the SOMA launch by selling on our social marketplace.

A terrific addition to the SOMA portfolio

SOMA is collecting the most innovative, highest-quality watch brands from around the globe as we build the premiere horology destination. We will be the venue for watch manufacturers, collecters, and lovers of quality watches to connect, buy & sell, and visually display their horological marvels.

about the SOMA launch

Inspired by nature

Belos draws aesthetic inspiration from its surroundings in the Swedish archipelago. The “Huvudskär” diving watch is “inspired by the beautiful diving waters” of its eponymous region off the Stockholm coast.

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Minimalist craftsmanship

True to the proud tradition of Scandinavian design, Belos engineers a high level of quality presented in a minimalist aesthetic. Its Utö timepiece collection is available on the Belos website.

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Welcome, Belos, to the SOMA pilot program!

Huvudskär luxury watches on the blockchainBeginning Q1 2019, SOMA will become THE destination for watch companies to sell their timepieces, and for consumers to purchase, share, and connect around a common horological passion. The social media aspect will allow members to visually flaunt, like, comment, and reshare one another’s watches, and also to build a following.

Getting on the SOMA platform

If you’re a watch manufacturer or retailer, contact If you’re an individual lover of quality watches, sign up here to be notified the minute we’re accepting registrations!

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About SOMA

On legacy ecommerce platforms, anonymous usernames and depersonalized storefronts strip trade interactions of an important social element. Additionally, buyers lack a definitive way to ensure the authenticity of items. Enter SOMA. Our Heimdall Protocol stops forgeries and counterfeiting by validating ownership and provenance history on the blockchain. Social media elements bring personalization and interaction to trade, and allow users to monetize social influence, while a rewards system incentivizes beneficial collaboration. SOMA is a free-market ecosystem — free of market manipulation, price-fixing, gouging, and bloat.

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