LAB by Miang Copenhagen: style that can be customized

Danish watch company to go on the blockchain

Miang Copenhagen to sell its customizable LAB watch on the SOMA marketplace

Live on Kickstarter (November 2018)

Jens Ole Miang, owner of Miang Copenhagen, chose to fund his newest watch model on Kickstarter. The LAB features several customizable components such as case, crown, bezel, dial, and more.

View Kickstarter campaign

The Miang Copenhagen model

“Miang Copenhagen is created with the goal of establishing a watch brand that gives the creative freedom and personal style choice back to the
wearer. Individual watches with the potential of many changing looks –
essentially offering multiple watch designs in one. And offering it without expensive middlemen. This business model saves customers more than 50% compared to
the traditional retail model.” (company website)

Miang Copenhagen website

Alignment of values

SOMA appreciates the commitment of Miang Copenhagen to preserve as much value as possible for buyer and seller. As we mention in our company values, we’re not opposed to middlemen per se, but given the chance we’d always rather go the most direct route to the customer.

SOMA values

SOMA’s glad to have Miang Copenhagen as a partner! For anyone interested in sleek, high-quality watches with that trademark Scandinavian aesthetic, we highly recommend the LAB. At its pricepoint, it’s already hard to beat. Throw in the customization factor, and it’s a sure winner!LAB by Miang Copenhagen Danish wristwatch

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