Rugged sophistication

From the Sierra Nevada SOMA

California microbrand Seals joins the growing roster of watch companies to be sold on SOMA's upcoming marketplace

Original. Bold. American

Seals creates limited-edition watches with a distinctive aesthetic. Owner Michael Seals draws from an eclectic melange of inspirations: the designs of Gerald Genta, the lines of classic racing motorcycles, and the architecture of WWII battle tanks. Swirling among those is a vibe of the American West, a smell of leather and gunmetal and horse sweat. Seals draws from a melting pot of influences, and out of it comes…magic. From the Seals website: “WITH ORIGINALITY, QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP AT OUR CORE, WE CREATE LIMITED EDITION WATCHES FOR LIKE-MINDED INDIVIDUALS WHO BELIEVE THAT THESE TRAITS ARE WHAT DEFINE A MODERN, SOPHISTICATED TIMEPIECE.” We’re sold.

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An obsession to detail

“When you look at watches all-day everyday, as many of us do, what makes one watch stand out from others tends to be subtle, but significant details.” (Zach Weiss, Worn & Wound).

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A stunning addition

Here at SOMA, we’re getting increasingly proud of our partner portfolio. And when a stunner like Seals signs on, well, we get a little weak in the knees. One thing is for sure, when our marketplace launches in a few months, we’re going to have an unrivaled selection of totally unique watches (if we don’t buy them all ourselves. Kidding, not kidding).

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