Project O Concept joins SOMA marketplace

SOMA's first French watchmaker

Paris-based Project O Concept has joined SOMA's upcoming launch. 

A synthesis of old and new

Project O Concept creates unusual timepieces “with a perfect balance between an avant-garde design and timekeeping nostalgia.”

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The Project O Concept vision

From the website: “This project’s designer, Matthieu Keller, chose to found this company under the name of Project O Concept, O for the chemical symbol for Oxygen, which perfectly represents our first O1 concept watch.”

All about transparency

Transparency is a core company value of SOMA. Project O Concept also embraces transparency, albeit of a different type. Again quoting the company’s website: “It is unique and a first in terms of its design, since in order to successfully create a watch
with such smooth edges, without ridges, thereby allowing light to penetrate perfectly, without
obstacles and/or refraction, and also letting take out again the phosphorescent green
luminosity of its dial in the dark, its case and crystal have been poured from a single piece.”

About SOMA values

From a proud tradition

French watchmaking has an illustrious history, and SOMA is thrilled for Project O Concept to be the first French brand to sign on to our launch.

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