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UK brand Wessex joins SOMA for marketplace launch

SOMA's first UK watch microbrand

Wessex is the our first of what will be many quality microbrand partners from the United Kingdom

Obsessed with history

Jamie Boyd, designer and owner of Wessex Watches, targets his timepieces to “the customer who wants a unique and bespoke dial to adorn their watch.” Wessex dials feature ornate motifs that draw from Celtic folkways, maritime lore, Masonic iconography, heraldry, and other historical influences.

Wessex website

Value and quality

“Quite simply,” says Boyd, “until Wessex started producing timepieces, watches of this specification and design were not available for under about £3k.” With an innovative “manufacture processes we have been able to substantially reduce the cost to the customer.” Yet Wessex offers a quality level comparable to more costly brands: their watches “contain the same high quality Swiss made mechanical movements as our competitors.”

Why Wessex & SOMA?

“Wessex Watches is unique in the horological world in terms of products and production methods, and it seems only right to me that we should be part of a marketing platform that is as unique as we are. I obviously view the opportunity to be part of the SOMA movement as a huge benefit to us in getting Wessex Watches out to the consumers who are looking for the type of watches we offer.”

—Jamie Boyd, designer and owner, Wessex Watches

About SOMA's horology marketplace

Always innovating

Not content to rest on past works, Boyd continues to find new inspirations for new designs. “We have some exciting new limited edition designs coming up in 2019, not least of which is the da Vinci 500 series, a series to commemorate arguably the greatest designer and innovator the world has ever seen, Leonardo da Vinci, 2019 marking the 500th anniversary of his death.”

Getting on the SOMA platform

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About SOMA

On legacy ecommerce platforms, anonymous usernames and depersonalized storefronts strip trade interactions of an important social element. Additionally, buyers lack a definitive way to ensure the authenticity of items. Enter SOMA. Our Heimdall Protocol stops forgeries and counterfeiting by validating ownership and provenance history on the blockchain. Social media elements bring personalization and interaction to trade, and allow users to monetize social influence, while a rewards system incentivizes beneficial collaboration. SOMA is a free-market ecosystem—free of market manipulation, price-fixing, gouging, and bloat.

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