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Houson microbrand joins SOMA marketplace launch

Macau's first and only watch microbrand

Houson Timepieces is based in Macau (officially titled Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China), an ‘autonomous territory’ off the coast of mainland China.

“We are the first and only watch brand from Macau,” says Vincent Ho, Houson co-founder.

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On joining SOMA

“SOMA is the trending platform for watch lovers, from amateurs to professionals, to buy, sell, and connect with fellow horologists.” —Vincent Ho, Houson co-founder

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Houson watches' details

Houson watches have ‘a Swiss-grade dial’ and a focus on ‘quality with reasonable price,’ per Ho. Houson also applies Super-LumiNova BGW9 to all watch dials. BGW9 is a Swiss-grade phosphorescent coating that is white during the day but glows blue in the dark (if it has been ‘charged up’ by previous light exposure). This lume enjoys one of the highest ratings in the horological universe, having one of the brightest glows as well as a much longer lume duration than non-Swiss-grade counterparts.

Horology intensifies

SOMA’s partner acquisition efforts are paying off with brands from many countries joining. When we go live with our horologically-focused marketplace, we’re going to have a very nice microbrand selection for our customers!

About SOMA's launch

Getting on the SOMA platform

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About SOMA

On legacy ecommerce platforms, anonymous usernames and depersonalized storefronts strip trade interactions of an important social element. Additionally, buyers lack a definitive way to ensure the authenticity of items. Enter SOMA. Our Heimdall Protocol stops forgeries and counterfeiting by validating ownership and provenance history on the blockchain. Social media elements bring personalization and interaction to trade, and allow users to monetize social influence, while a rewards system incentivizes beneficial collaboration. SOMA is a free-market ecosystem—free of market manipulation, price-fixing, gouging, and bloat.

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