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Introducing Outcast Watches. From Texas.

From Texas, with attitude

Founder and CEO Kevin Junkans drives a restored 1967 Ford Mustang and is a U.S. Army veteran. He enjoys unplugging from his electronic devices and getting outdoors. So, he created Outcast watches to be rugged, durable, and, well, not electronic.

Kevin says he wanted a high-quality (read: expensive) watch, but didn’t want to pay the expensive price tag. So, he carefully sourced the right partners to create his own, and he’s able to offer them at a fraction of the price of the brands he’d previously coveted.

Not only did he want a really nice watch; he also wanted a watch that could take abuse. Kevin says he doesn’t “go out of my way to treat them gently; I hunt, fish, shoot, and work on my car with the watch on. These aren’t delicate pieces of jewelry; wear the watch and live your life.”

Outcast presents its rugged build in a stylish stainless steel case with a Japanese automatic movement, domed sapphire glass with anti reflective coating, and premium leather bands with deployment clasps. Each watch also comes with a watch winder.

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