Resides in Finland, writes for Japanese audience

Finnish-Japanese watch blogger becomes SOMA ambassador

Yu Ando lives in Finland and blogs in Japanese about gadgets, technology, and (mostly) watches. His blog,, averages around 22,000 readers per month, most of whom are young Japanese technology enthusiasts.

And now, Yu joins the SOMA team as an ambassador of our technology solution for the watch community. He will begin blogging about SOMA’s horology marketplace, our blockchain-based Heimdall Protocol for provenance authentication, our integration of social connectivity, our reselling function, and more.

Read Yu's blog (if you read Japanese)

Good taste in watches

As a reviewer of watch microbrands, Yu has amassed quite the collection, including watches from SOMA partners such as DWISS. Yu Ando, obviously, is a man with a fine fashion aesthetic and a sensibility for quality work.

About SOMA's horology marketplace



フィンランド在住のYu Andoは、腕時計を中心に、ガジェットやテクノロジーに関して日本語で執筆するブロガーだ。彼のブログthxpalm.comの平均閲覧数は月に2万2000、主な読者層は技術に興味のある若世代の日本人となっている。



Yuは既に腕時計マイクロブランドのレビューアーとして、SOMAパートナーであるDWISSの腕時計も含めすでにかなりのコレクションを蓄えてきた。Yu Andoは上品なファッション美学と共に良質な仕事に対する姿勢を持った男だ。

Jacob Andra
Jacob Andra is a SOMA co-founder and handles marketing and product development

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