SOMA welcomes superstar advisor

Laura Fieldhouse joins SOMA advisory board

Laura is an accomplished marketing expert who will work closely with SOMA co-founder and chief growth-hacker Jacob Andra to drive SOMA’s international expansion.

Laura’s wealth of early-stage growth experience will be a huge asset for the SOMA team. She helped grow Tori, part of the Schibsted family of companies, from the ground floow to becoming a market leader in the competitive Finnish classifieds space. Tori now has an impressive 2.3 million unique monthly users and is a star performer among its sibling Schibsted companies. More on this below.

From Laura:

“I’m very excited to start working with SOMA, which adds interesting new elements to the typical marketplace through the use of new technologies, and has the potential to revolutionize the way people buy and sell online.”

Laura will use her early-stage growth expertise to help SOMA explode our base of merchants and users leading up to, during, and after our marketplace launch in April 2019.

About SOMA's April 2019 launch

Laura's Tori experience

In less than three years, Tori “quickly became one of the biggest websites in Finland (top 10 in unique visitors, top 5 in page views) and a brand known and loved by the Finns,” Laura explains. Tori has achieved “90% awareness,” meaning that 9 out of 10 Finns know the brand.

As one of three early team members, Laura wore many hats, including product development. Perhaps her largest contribution, however, was in the successful execution of her growth strategy. Through extensive market research she undertook “careful brand positioning and systematic long-span, insight driven marketing actions” that brought the above-mentioned results.

SOMA's raison d'être

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