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Lesablier Watches on SOMA

Lesablier joins SOMA

We’re thrilled to welcome Lesablier to our portfolio of brand partners for the launch of our horological social marketplace! Based in Washington, D.C., Lesablier (French for ‘the hourglass’) brings a high level of design and quality to their timepieces. Sapphire domed glass, Swiss movements, 5 atm water resistance; these are some serious watches for their very reasonable pricepoint!

Lesablier website

Aviator VQ and Sport Classic

Lesablier’s first model, the Aviator VQ (pictured), features a striking night/day dial, leather strap, and limited production runs (“250 units of each strap color per production series.”).

The mysterious ‘Sport Classic’ is launching soon on Kickstarter, so stay tuned! From what I’ve seen, it’s going to be awesome!

Lesablier makes an awesome addition to our marketplace, and we’re excited for them to be on there when we launch!

About SOMA's upcoming marketplace

The raison d'être of SOMA's horology marketplace

  • Watch lovers (brands and buyers and collectors, etc) love to share and show off their watches
  • They also need a place to buy and sell and discover watches
  • Existing ecommerce sites lack a ‘show-off’ feature
  • Existing social platforms lack an easy transaction feature (ecommerce). Those that have it (like FB marketplace) don’t have it well-integrated into the social offering, but rather tacked-on like an afterthought
  • SOMA has put a lot of design effort into creating a platform beautifully balanced between the social (sharing and showing off) and the transactional (buying and selling)
  • SOMA uses blockchain to create a permanent digital record of each watch. This record is called the interactive item card, or IIC
  • The IIC can be shared, liked, commented on, bought, sold, and even resold
  • SOMA will build ‘proofs’ into the IIC so that watch owners down the chain of ownership can validate that their watch is genuine
  • Merchants (watch brands) pay nothing to participate

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