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BAUSELE exclusive watch discounts

SOMA partner BAUSELE offers special discount for SOMA members

BAUSELE is a Swiss-made Australian watch brand and a SOMA partner for our upcoming marketplace launch. Now they’re offering an exclusive 40% discount on two awesome models: their ChronoS and Pilot Automatic. Why? BAUSELE’s new CEO, Arron Coote, gets the SOMA vision. “I take the long view,” he says. “In the end, the only sort of business relationships I’m interested in are the long-term relationships.” In short, BAUSELE is offering SOMA-specific discounts to help raise SOMA’s visibility and grow our community. To which we say: Thank you, BAUSELE.

Read on to discover how to access the SOMA discount.

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A word about SOMA's launch

SOMA is building a community. And an app. And a website. It’s about watches, especially microbrands. And it brings together some elements that should have been together all along. Then, it adds some new technology. The result is a social marketplace.

SOMA’s watch marketplace is 1 part social media platform for sharing our love of watches, 1 part ecommerce for safe and instant transactions, and 1 part authentication & tracking protocol. (This latter gets technical, but basically it means we create a digital identity for each watch that stores ownership history, documents and media about the watch, and proofs of its provenance/originality).

We go live in late April, populated with scores of fabulous watch brands, not least among them BAUSELE.

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“The Swiss made, Australian designed watch exudes sophistication with a sporty edge, thanks to bold lines and with advanced chronograph functions, the ChronoS series has a sleek design suitable for any adventure that’s uniquely Australian.”

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BAUSELE's Pilot Automatic

“An original in the BAUSELE collection, the Pilot Automatic makes for the optimal wrist companion with pioneering functionality and innovative style.  A true classic, the Pilot Automatic was inspired by watches traditionally worn by aviation pilots.   The placement of the 12 where other watches have the 2, allows pilots (and in the modern era performance car drivers and space travellers) to keep their hands firmly on the wheel and still be able to glance at the time.

Each timepiece is Australian inspired, a trademark feature of BAUSELE time pieces – the second hand of the pilot automatic watch is shaped to evoke the Sydney Tower and the cross in the centre representative of the metal lattice work on the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.”


High-Tech matte finish Ceramic






Flat Anti-Reflective Sapphire


20mm Kangaroo Leather strap


20mm Silicon strap


50m / 5 ATM

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How to get the SOMA discount

We’re growing a Facebook group, “Quality Microbrands,” that’s SOMA-affiliated but also about watches generally and microbrands more specifically. We want to expand the group with genuine watch lovers. All information on how to get the SOMA discount on the BAUSELE ChronoS and Pilot Automatic is in this Facebook group. Join, and voila!

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The raison d'être of SOMA's horology marketplace

  • Watch lovers (brands and buyers and collectors, etc) love to share and show off their watches
  • They also need a place to buy and sell and discover watches
  • Existing ecommerce sites lack a ‘show-off’ feature
  • Existing social platforms lack an easy transaction feature (ecommerce). Those that have it (like FB marketplace) don’t have it well-integrated into the social offering, but rather tacked-on like an afterthought
  • SOMA has put a lot of design effort into creating a platform beautifully balanced between the social (sharing and showing off) and the transactional (buying and selling)
  • SOMA uses blockchain to create a permanent digital record of each watch. This record is called the interactive item card, or IIC
  • The IIC can be shared, liked, commented on, bought, sold, and even resold
  • SOMA will build ‘proofs’ into the IIC so that watch owners down the chain of ownership can validate that their watch is genuine
  • Merchants (watch brands) pay nothing to participate

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