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Louis Chevrolet & SOMA

Louis Chevrolet: budget-friendly Swiss watches with flair

SOMA is excited to welcome Swiss microbrand Louis Chevrolet to the launch of our upcoming social marketplace!

The brand pays tribute to the legendary man of the same name. Louis Chevrolet was the son of a Swiss watchmaker who became an auto mechanic, racecar driver, and co-founder of the Big 3 American auto company that bears his name. Accordingly, Louis Chevrolet watches have an automobile aesthetic, particularly in their dials suggestive of dashboard gauges.

The man, the myth, the legend...

Quality and price: striking a balance

“Louis Chevrolet watches are a compromise between high quality and affordable price,” according to the website. Kudos to the brand for their transparency: ‘compromise’ is not a bad thing, though many brands try to mask the compromises they make. Their watches do use a Swiss-made movement, a remarkable accomplishment at their pricepoint. Even more remarkable is the in-house craftsmanship typically found in higher-priced brands: Louis Chevrolet produces “most of our cover parts and also decorate our movements internally.”

About the manufacture

SOMA: the place for watch lovers & manufacturers

Louis Chevrolet has a rich story behind its brand. Additionally, every watch has its own story.

SOMA enables the tracking and authentication of a watch’s history, empowering successive owners (and the brand) to access the timepiece’s story.

Additionally, SOMA enables a fully social ecommerce experience, bringing a sharing element to discovering, buying, and selling watches.

Telling the stories

The raison d'être of SOMA's horology marketplace

  • Watch lovers (brands and buyers and collectors, etc) love to share and show off their watches
  • They also need a place to buy and sell and discover watches
  • Existing ecommerce sites lack a ‘show-off’ feature
  • Existing social platforms lack an easy transaction feature (ecommerce). Those that have it (like FB marketplace) don’t have it well-integrated into the social offering, but rather tacked-on like an afterthought
  • SOMA has put a lot of design effort into creating a platform beautifully balanced between the social (sharing and showing off) and the transactional (buying and selling)
  • SOMA uses blockchain to create a permanent digital record of each watch. This record is called the interactive item card, or IIC
  • The IIC can be shared, liked, commented on, bought, sold, and even resold
  • SOMA will build ‘proofs’ into the IIC so that watch owners down the chain of ownership can validate that their watch is genuine
  • Merchants (watch brands) pay nothing to participate

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