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RVLVR to join SOMA Social Marketplace

RVLVR brings its provocative, original designs to the SOMA social marketplace! RVLVR’s automatic watches are styled after the eponymous firearm of Westerns and 1970s cop films. “Like the concept of the legendary weapon, our mission was to make a high quality watch that was simple, precise and built to last, says founder Dan Uchida.” We’re pleased to have the brand joining our upcoming social marketplace!

RVLVR Official website

Introducing The Q1-C.G

1 year after it sold out, the original watch that started it all is back in the market. With a crisper and more defined bullet (hour hand), aesthetically upgraded minute hand, higher quality stamped and engraved straps, and colored second hand to add a pop of color, RVLVR has improved almost every aspect of its most sought-after watch.

Greetings from RVLVR founder Dan Uchida

“SOMA is a revolutionary concept, bringing together both creators and consumers into a modern and better world.”

Dan Uchida, RVLVR founder

About our marketplace launch

The raison d'être of SOMA's horology marketplace

  • Watch lovers (brands and buyers and collectors, etc) love to share and show off their watches
  • They also need a place to buy and sell and discover watches
  • Existing ecommerce sites lack a ‘show-off’ feature
  • Existing social platforms lack an easy transaction feature (ecommerce). Those that have it (like FB marketplace) don’t have it well-integrated into the social offering, but rather tacked-on like an afterthought
  • SOMA has put a lot of design effort into creating a platform beautifully balanced between the social (sharing and showing off) and the transactional (buying and selling)
  • SOMA uses blockchain to create a permanent digital record of each watch. This record is called the interactive item card, or IIC
  • The IIC can be shared, liked, commented on, bought, sold, and even resold
  • SOMA will build ‘proofs’ into the IIC so that watch owners down the chain of ownership can validate that their watch is genuine
  • Merchants (watch brands) pay nothing to participate

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