1291 Watches of Switzerland & SOMA

1291 Watches joins SOMA

1291 Watches of Switzerland is, as the name suggests, a Swiss microbrand that uses quality components and draws on the legacy of the Swiss nation (1291 was the founding year of the Swiss confederation). 1291 incorporates ETA movements, sapphire glass, and other quality standards to deliver a terrific value for their pricepoint.

“1291 Automatic Watches are created for explorers, challengers & enthusiasts. The goal is, being functional, robust & reliable at all situations, whether at the top of mountains, on the wild seas, in the eternal polar ice or in the lonely heart of deserts. To be your reliable companion of trust, on every journey.”

1291 Watches Official website

The SOMA phenomenon grows in power

SOMA’s roster of participating microbrands and independent watchmakers is growing. Leading up to our Cohort 1 launch, we’ll be announcing many, many new brands. And, of course, 1291 Watches of Switzerland is an important addition to our social marketplace for watches!

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