SOMA welcomes master craftsman Olivier Mory

Skill Watches by Olivier Mory

SOMA is thrilled to welcome independent watchmaker Olivier Mory to our upcoming social marketplace launch! His brand, Skill, includes a tourbillon watch with in-house movement, as well as some automatic watches with vintage restored Swiss movements.

“I’m very proud to be a part of the SOMA project because everything you’ve explained to me is feeling resonant with my own feelings about how I’ve made Skill — so it’s perfect.”

SOMA co-founder Jacob Andra traveled to La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, to spend time with Olivier in his atelier (workshop), and came away extremely impressed with his craftsmanship, his approach to business and his overall ethos.

100 percent Swiss-made quality

Swiss regulations stipulate that 60 % of a watch needs to be manufactured in Switzerland to warrant the ‘Made in Switzerland’ label. Olivier Mory makes 100 % of each watch in Switzerland.

“I only work with people in the area. If you draw a circle 30 miles around my shop you have all my suppliers.”

Dials? Made by another craftsman whose atelier is “50 meters away.” Leather straps? Antique leather from former  Swiss military equipment. Some of the leather is 100 years old, and the straps have often military markings or dates and each strap is unique.

Taking care of the customer

Second to none return policy

Olivier guarantees each Skill watch for life. “If a customer has any problems at all for the life of all the watch they just contact us, we’ll send them a shipping box to get the watch back to the shop, fix it and send it back.”

Generous “trade-up” program

Olivier’s mechanical tourbillon watch fetches roughly €7,500.00 (an incredible value if you know anything about tourbillon watches, as well as the prices fetched by in-house watch movements). His automatics sell for around €4,000.00. A customer can start with an automatic and upgrade to a tourbillon at any time. They merely notify Olivier and he sends a prepaid shipping box. Upon receipt of the automatic, he ships the tourbillon. Cost to the customer? Well, we’d expect it to be the difference in price between the two watches (€3,500). It’s not. Olivier only charges one-half the difference, resulting in the customer getting a Skill tourbillon for around €5,750!

Limited edition tourbillon watch for SOMA community

Exclusively for the Cohort 1 launch of the SOMA social marketplace, Olivier will craft a limited variation on his tourbillon watch with a different dial than pictured and with its own serial number series.

For Cohort 1, SOMA will onboard 100 lucky watch fanatics who will submit feedback on the platform while enjoying exclusives such as limited discounts, limited edition timepieces, and more. From now until launch, SOMA will use our Facebook group as the primary announcement channel, and members of that group will have the first opportunity to register for Cohort 1.

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The raison d'être of SOMA's horology marketplace

SOMA’s Cohort 1 consists of 100 lucky watch fanatics who will have free run of the markeplace after our April launch. They will test the functionality and have access to deals beyond their wildest dreams. Details announced first in the SOMA Facebook group. Be there…or be behind.

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