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20-year-old newborn - ErrediBi is back in the game

SOMA is proud to welcome ErrediBi to our upcoming social marketplace launch! SOMA is a global social marketplace for watch lovers, sellers and enthusiasts.

ErrediBi is an independent manufacturer of watches based in Brianza, Italy. The original project dates back more than twenty years – established then by designer Franco Viganò who patented an invention for a double-cased watch derived from industrial components. 

Since 2017, together with the partner Guido Virginio Villa, the project has been dusted off, greatly refined in terms of quality and finally offered to the public – ErrediBi watches are finally back in the market!

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Tailor made mechanics from Italy

ErrediBi watches generally come as unique and non-repeatable specimens, beyond small limited series. In detail they are customizable: 

  • the size of the case, in variant M24 (36 x 50 mm) or M27 (41 x 53 mm) 
  • the case material, which can also be produced thanks to its particular nature (9 pieces, mechanically applied lugs) in different matched materials (lugs and bezel in one material and body in another for example). The materials currently machinable are: aluminum bronze – grade 5 titanium – ergal 7075 – titanium damascus – precious metals. 
  • the surface finish of the various parts, obviously also in different portions (polished, satin, pelleted, tumbled, etc.).
  • the dial designed and produced in a one/one piece according to the tastes and needs of the customer. 
  • ad hoc personalized spheres and indices. 
  • laser engraving of symbols, drawings and phrases ad hoc on the back of the case. 
  • customized straps, stitching and buckles customized in leather type and working with tannery skins availability. 
  • dedicated and personalized theme packaging. 

A special project for SOMA

Cohort 1, SOMA’s limited launch, precedes our public launch and will offer exclusives and discounts to 100 participants. One such exclusive is a limited edition variation on ErridiBi’s M24 watch. This exclusive series will feature an aeronautical Alu-bronze C63000 body with dimensions of 36×50 mm, crown excluded. Handmade RdB dial, ambidextrous, gold indices, Soma logo at 6, gold dauphine hands. Engraved titanium 5th grade back case with Soma logo; handmade strap, to be agreed. Dedicated magnetic box set, with unique orange colour, including warranty metal card and RdB handmade M24 hex nut key ring.

In short, this will be one killer watch!

About Cohort 1

The raison d'être of SOMA's horology marketplace

SOMA’s Cohort 1 consists of 100 lucky watch fanatics who will have free run of the markeplace after our launch. They will test the functionality and have access to deals beyond their wildest dreams. Details announced first in the SOMA Facebook group. Be there…or be behind.

About Cohort 1

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