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Quality dive watches for our social marketplace

"SOMA has creative ideas and an unconventional approach to the watch industry; can't wait to be on board." —Eric Yeh, owner, Havaan Tuvali

SOMA welcomes Havaan Tuvali

Taiwan-based Havaan Tuvali brings its well-respected divers to SOMA’s upcoming social marketplace launch. The brand has original, striking designs, with a focus on sturdy and durable value. Owner Eric Yeh assembles the watches himself. The Swiss-made Selitta movement is used in many high-profile brands that are usually 3-5X the price of Havaan Tuvali divers.

Havaan Tuvali website

The Code Zero-6 Diver

Havaan Tuvali’s second line, the Code Zero-6 diving watch, has gotten a fair amount of attention: its striking aesthetic combined with an innovative temperature gauge and all-around solid construction have made it pretty hard to beat.

“The idea came from a visit to a local naval museum in Hiroshima,” Eric Yeh explains. “The pressure gauge from the diver’s air tank and its sub temperature display inspired the design of the watch.”

“The gauge-like dial features an 8 o’clock sub-seconds display,” as well as “a one-of-a-kind center temperature sensing indicator, matched with 800 meters of water resistance and an automatic helium escape valve.”

For the temp gauge, “9 temperature indicators located in the center of the dial are liquid crystal, capable of sensing temperature from 0 to 40℃ (5℃ increment).” These change color with temperature fluctuations: the default color is black, while temperature changes will prompt “green, blue or brown. Green is the actual reading, brown is just above the actual reading and blue is just below the actual reading. For example, if the temperature is 25℃, the 25 square will become green; if the temperature is 23℃, the 25 square will turn blue and the 20 square will turn brown.”

This timetoblog review of the Code Zero-6 is great!

SOMA's growing lineup of quality microbrands & independent watchmakers

Havaan Tuvali is an amazing addition to our great lineup of participating brands. We’re excited to have them on board, and we’re working on some amazing stuff for our upcoming Cohort 1 limited platform launch. For Cohort 1, 100 users get the run of the platform to test its functionality, submit feedback, and enjoy ungodly deals and exclusives.

All about Cohort 1

The raison d'être of SOMA's horology marketplace

SOMA’s Cohort 1 consists of 100 lucky watch fanatics who will have free run of the markeplace after our launch. They will test the functionality and have access to deals beyond their wildest dreams. Details announced first in the SOMA Facebook group. Be there…or be behind.

About Cohort 1

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