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SOMA to move to paid subscription model for merchants

Early adopters will be rewarded

As we explain in our press release, SOMA will switch to a paid model for merchants later this year. If that’s vague, it’s because a) we haven’t decided on a date, and b) even if we had we might wait to reveal it.

The rationale is simple: our watch community/app/marketplace/social platform is the most innovative thing to hit the watch industry in…a long time (outside of the watches themselves, of course, which can be pretty darn innovative). As we grow our userbase, the value we offer to merchants will enter a hocky-stick exponential curve. We think we should be rewarded for said value.

Our early adopters will be “grandfathered” in: they’ll have the free SOMA subscription for life. It’s our way of thanking you for taking the leap with us when we didn’t have anything of substance to offer in return…yet.

Grandparents, parents, and children

Playing off the “grandfathered in” terminology, we’ll define three chronological stages. Brands will fall into a “grandparent,” “parent,” or “child” status, depending on when they enroll for a SOMA merchant account.

Grandparents, as noted, are free for life because they saw the vision early on and helped us build the vision.

Parents will be an intermediate phase after the “grandparent” cutoff but before the fully paid model kicks in. They’ll be guaranteed free access for a determined period of time, after which they’ll pay a subscription fee.

Children will pay a subscription from the beginning.

We appreciate all our supporters! More details forthcoming on the above!

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