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A different way to do ecommerce
SOMA integrates provenance tracking, social media functionality, and easy buying & selling. It's the evolution of online retail.
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Provenance authentication
Counterfeiting is a multibillion-dollar problem. Buyers don't know whether their goods are original. Now they can, via immutable blockchain-based proofs. SOMA's Interactive Item Card is a patent-pending blockchain architecture that represents an item and its history in a digital form.
Social influence
People want to know who they're dealing with. It's an ancestral urge. SOMA makes buying and selling more transparent and connected. People can build connections—and monetize their social capital. With customized profiles, social media feeds, and visual displays, users can showcase a personal brand based around lifestyle products—and can resell those products for fair compensation.
Buying & selling
SOMA allows near-instantaneous and low-cost payments across international borders, via cryptocurrency. Or, you can pay the old-fashioned way. In either case, SOMA records transactions immutably on the blockchain. Ownership transfer & history becomes part of the item record, as does any change in the condition of the item.
SOMA's 2019 launch

SOMA’s going live in June 2019 with our partners in the luxury watch industry. These include microbrands, independent watchmakers, and other sellers of fine watches.

The luxury watch sector represents one of the most obvious use cases; after proving SOMA’s value, we will scale horizontally to adjacent sectors.

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News & info
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SOMA to convert to paid subscription
In the future, SOMA will charge participating merchants a subscription fee to avail themselves of the SOMA architecture and customer base. All merchants who sign on before the cutoff will be...
SOMA seed funding
We’re elated that Business Finland, an arm of the Finnish Government, has again seen fit to fund SOMA! Previously, we received a “Round 1” funding of €50K, which Business Finland gives as an initial “test” for qualifying startups to prove viability...
SOMA & watches
Our social marketplace launches June 15 and focuses on the watch industry, offering brands and buyers an integrated social/ecommerce experience. After establishing a thriving community and proving our concept....
ErridiBi does SOMA exclusive
For SOMA's launch, ErridiBi will craft a limited SOMA edition of its M24 watch. The watch will feature an aeronautical alu-bronze body, handmade dial, gold indices, Soma logo at 6 o'clock, gold dauphine hands, engraved titanium caseback with Soma logo...
SKILL Watches by Olivier Mory
Among other things, Olivier Mory makes a tourbillon watch with in-house movement. “I’m very proud to be a part of the SOMA project because everything you’ve explained to me is feeling resonant with my own feelings about how I’ve made Skill Watches...
Product & story
"SOMA is, among other things, a storytelling architecture." SOMA's interactive item card (IIC) captures and stores product history, allowing stories to emerge. Why is this important? Because stories can increase the value...
All about reselling
SOMA's revolutionary resale function will allow brands to quickly scale up a remote, hands-off sales force. Resale commissions are executed on the blockchain, meaning that the original seller has no additional administrative burden.
SOMA whitepaper
This is the definitive resource for understanding SOMA's various value propositions, business model and underlying technology. Our whitepaper contains a nice blend of technical and descriptive content in a downloadable PDF.
Announcing Cohort 1
Launching June 15, SOMA’s "Cohort 1" of 100 early users will reward its participants with insane discounts, watch exclusive editions, and cash incentives. From the brands you've heard of to the ones you haven't, from Swiss independent watchmakers to well-known...
Laura Fieldhouse
With an impressive resume of early-stage growth-hacking, Laura Fieldhouse joins SOMA as an advisor. She grew from zero to market leader in the competitive Finnish classifieds industry, and subsequently...
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