SOMA values and principles

Environmental stewardship

SOMA recognizes that we live on a beautiful planet with finite resources. That’s one of the reasons our technology focuses on linking the secondary market with the primary market: we want to encourage ‘downcycling’ to divert products from the landfill. And, of course, we promote recycling, energy-efficiency, reduced travel when appropriate, and other eco-friendly measures.

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We have nothing against intermediaries, per se. (The SOMA platform specifically enables people to act as intermediaries for compensation.) We’re just opposed to intermediaries that take value out of the value chain, disproportionately to any value they add. Which is why our marketplace connects sellers and buyers directly.

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We happen to think that transparency, in many cases, can benefit the buyer and seller of a product—and often the environment as well! SOMA’s blockchain provides multiple types of transparency. There’s transparency into an item’s provenance. Transparency of who’s owned it over time. Transparency of what price it’s fetched in the past. Transparency into a product’s journey over its lifecycle can help brands build better products and design a better market fit. SOMA is committed to promoting transparency to thwart counterfeiting, fraud, and other forms of deception and manipulation.

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Free enterprise

SOMA honors the entrepreneurs, the hustlers, the driven individuals who pursue their dreams. We promote conscious capitalism that seeks innovation, profitability, and the betterment of humanity. From SOMA’s perspective, governments serve a valuable role: they set the parameters within which businesses must operate. Governments and regulatory agencies should oversee environmental protection, civil liberties, and other universals that promote the general good. Outside of these basics, we believe businesses should be allowed to thrive with a minimum of intervention.

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Diversity and meritocracy

We believe that diversity—of opinion, life experience, gender, ethnicity, culture, and many other types—brings strength. We welcome and embrace diversity. Along with diversity, we believe in meritocracy: regardless of background and personal identity, we reward effort and achievement. Are these two standards—diversity and meritocracy—in conflict? We don’t think so: they actually compliment one another.

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